Top 5 Fully Remote Companies You Need To Know

It’s 2020 and you know what? There are more remote companies hiring currently than you think. If you are on the verge of quitting your regular job to find a remote job, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will cover our favorite top 5 remote companies that you need to be aware of. Let’s get started.

Top 5 List

  • Hotjar

What Hotjar Does

Hotjar lets businesses and individuals understand what users want, care about and do on their site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior through heatmaps. Headquartered on the beautiful island of Malta, in the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean, Hotjar is a successful start-up that operates on a fully remote basis, and with a key emphasis on personal development.

Culture at Hotjar

Hotjar’s culture is driven by respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback. They have no room on their team for disrespect, office politics or discrimination of any kind. They’re obsessed with communicating with their users as well as within the team. They hate bureaucracy and slow moving organizations – but are suckers for well-defined processes. They love lean, iterative improvements, and success is measured by the value they create for their users.

Their Hiring Process

This link is going to give you a better picture of their hiring process. They are a fully remote company and they hire candidates from all around the world.

  • Aha!

What Aha! Does

Aha! is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and the world’s #1 product roadmap software. More than 150,000 product and company builders at many of the best-known software, web and technology companies trust Aha! to create a link between strategy and the team’s work and to build visual roadmaps.

Culture at Aha!

They live by these values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Ambition
  3. Effort
  4. Skill
  5. Team spirit
  6. Learning

Their Hiring Process

As an entirely distributed company, they have team members working in locations throughout the U.S. and a few international locations too. Their team is rapidly expanding to meet customer demand for their roadmapping software.

Aha! follows a framework for personal and business success that they pioneered and named The Responsive Method. Read more about their human-centric approach to building lovable companies and products below and in Lovability, the breakthrough book by Aha! co-founder and CEO Brian de Haaff.

  • InVision

What InVision Does

InVision helps companies of all sizes unlock the power of design-driven product development. That’s why teams at Evernote, Adobe, Airbnb, Salesforce, and many more fire up InVision every day.

InVision gives teams the freedom to design, review, and user test products—all without a single line of code. With intuitive tools for prototyping, task management, and version control, it’s your entire design process, all in one place.

Culture at InVision

They live and swear by these core values:

  1. Question Assumptions
  2. Think Deeply
  3. Iterate As a Lifestyle
  4. Details, Details
  5. Design is Everywhere
  6. Integrity

Their Hiring Process

Who says you need to move to work at a great company? Not InVision. They understand and know there’s great talent all over the place and they are a completely distributed company. They believe that you can do great work from an environment that you’re comfortable in. Believe it or not, they’ve also got you covered with great benefits.

  • Trello

What Trello Does

Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your team. It’s a lot more than that, though. Trello has everything you need to organize projects of any size.

Culture at Trello

Their core values:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Transparency
  3. Embrace Remote
  4. Don’t Do Nothing
  5. Autonomy
  6. Respect
  7. Collaboration
  8. Work-Life Balance

Their Hiring Process

Trello is changing the way people work and having a ton of fun along the way. They’re headquartered in NYC and distributed across the world. Trellists work across the US and the world. Flexibity helps them work and live better. Find out more here.

  • Clevertech

What Clevertech Does

Clevertech helps the world’s most sophisticated founders, serial entrepreneurs, VC backed organizations and family held growth businesses build incredible, game changing technology. Fast.

Culture at Clevertech

“Some call it a job, we call it a dream.” Their words. You will know more about their beliefs and work-style here. At Clevertech, you will become part of a team of top-notch designers and developers.

They make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. They keep track of the technologies you love working with and the ones you don’t. You’ll focus on a single project and you keep your goals and personal objectives aligned.

Their Hiring Process

The team at Clevertech hails from across the globe, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, South Africa and Portugal. Headquartered in New York City, but citizens of the world, they are at the cutting edge of what it means to work remote, and actively encourage their team to get out and see the world. Feel free to know more here.

Are you looking for remote jobs? Do you want to work from anywhere and everywhere? Your search ends here.