Top 15 Remote Jobs Companies Are Always Hiring For

Finding a remote job in your interested career niche is hard and landing one is even harder. According to the industry professionals, 70% of people looking for remote jobs eventually give up because of high wait times for job applications and massive competition for remote jobs. The fact is if you are really interested in working remotely, patience and your skillset will take you a long way and you might even be able to build a rewarding career working remotely.

Check out our list of some of the top fully remote companies that are always hiring throughout the year. GitHub, Trello, Hotjar, Aha!, Clevertech to name a few are always hiring. You don’t need to have like a super computer from outer space to do these jobs. The least that these roles require is reliable internet connection, laptop and, of course, YOU, the genius with knowledge. Yes, some of them require a degree, but you are in for a treat because a few of them don’t even need a degree, so you are so lucky.

Let’s look at some of the remote jobs that companies are always hiring for. You can improve or gain a new skillset and be ready for the job market. Here is our list of 15 remote job positions that companies are always hiring for:

  • Content Writer

Writing is an art form. Every one is unique and so is their choice of words. If you love writing and love to express yourself in the form of words, then you will definitely succeed. Your job application will not do much of a damage here. You need to have a bunch of links in the form of articles to show to the employer so that they can judge you and maybe give you a shot. Hey! You guessed it right. This one does not require the candidate to have a degree under their belt. Reading a lot of books will help you master your language skills and get creative with your words. Of all the job listings on this list, this one has more number of remote jobs available at all times. Period. Content Writers usually make upwards of 40,000 USD each year. Freelance content writers are highly sought after because of the flexibility it offers. Are you ready to find a remote job as a Content Writer? Link below has some of the highest paid content jobs available.

  • Web Developer

If you love web design and web development, and can own every bit of code you write, you will love this job. Landing a remote job as a Web Developer is easy if you have prior experience. Don’t have experience? No problem! You can still try for entry-level developer roles to get into this ever growing industry. There are millions of resources online to help you if you ever get stuck with the piece of code and nine times out of ten you will do just fine. The more experience you have, the more you know how to solve the puzzle. Web Development is all about making mistakes and learning from them. In the long run you will be able to quickly fix any bugs or issues you come across. Web Development is all about practice. Doing it every day will make you a better developer and more dependable. This is what employers want, a person they can count on. Web developers make upwards of 60,000 USD each year and the more experience you have, the more you make. You can also do a bit of freelancing for extra cash.

  • Backend Engineer

You need to have a passion for performance and optimization to be the best Backend Engineer. The best backend engineers understand there are many different ways to solve a problem, and each solution has trade offs, speed characteristics, operations overhead and automation potential.

Backend Engineers usually work in a team with others. Having server-side knowledge in scripting languages like PHP or Ruby is vital for this role. You will also stand out from the rest by knowing front-end of the web technologies because it makes communication with other teams easier. Again, we would like to stress that there are millions of resources online to hone your skills. Employers usually require a degree for this role, but you might be able to land a remote job as a Backend Engineer if you have prior experience.

  • Frontend Designer

HTML and CSS are not really programming languages. A Frontend Designer is a creative guy. Your imagination plays a vital role because after all you will be writing code for the eyes. Backend Engineers can not do this job if they lack creativity. Website design is perspective. You get to choose the colors you want, layout, font and a heck lot of other bits and pieces that make a great looking functional website. This is a great opportunity for you to take pride in your work. CSS frameworks, Javascript libraries and knowledge in one or two CMSes available right now will get you going. Most of the employers do not require you to have a degree for this role and if you can prove to them you have worked in the past as a Frontend Designer, then you are good to go. It’s all about responsive design these days, so make sure the website is mobile-friendly. Do not forget this as it is very very very important. Like 3 times more important today compared to 2008. Average salary for trained HTML and CSS developer is $89,000. Good luck!

  • Graphic Designer

You communicate visually your ideas to captivate customers. Your portfolio will speak for itself when you apply. We highly recommend being active on Behance and Dribbble among others to show off your artwork. Degree is not essential for this, but having some sort of education in a Design school will be beneficial because you will know what works and what doesn’t. There are, again, a lot of courses online and we can’t say how much weightage these online courses certificates will have on your job application, so be sure to have a portfolio ready while applying and it better be good. Graphic Designers make anywhere between 45,000 USD to 85,000 USD per year. The perks of being a Graphic Designer is that it offers much more flexibility than other jobs on this list and freelance work is available at all times.

  • SEO Specialist

So you like to make businesses get more exposure organically online. You just love to build backlinks, inbound links et cetera from the comfort of your home and make a living. SEO Specialists know the ins and outs of search engines and are up to date with the latest good practices for page ranking. You don’t need to go to college for this one. It takes years of experience, tried and tested methods to take this job’s responsibilities. Many people think that this is not even a job and everyone can do it. We don’t agree. It is hard to rank on Google, Yahoo and other search engines organically because of fierce competition, but is it possible? Do you know some tricks that the industry professionals don’t know about? The truth is you can be a game changer for businesses, and brands would love to hire somebody that can get them exposure. SEO Specialists make upwards of 45,000 USD per year. Like Graphic Designers, SEO Specialists also have the advantage of freelancing. If you have prior work experience with digital marketing agencies, then landing a remote job will be a breeze.

  • Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager plays a crucial role in an organization. From attracting potential customers to retaining the existing ones, he / she decides steps to be taken to gain more customers. Market research, campaigns and liasing with media and advertising agencies on a daily basis are some of the things a Marketing Manager does. You need to be a business leader and the authority given to you can help grow a business vastly or break(should we say?). A degree is almost always mandatory for this role and it’s fair because companies invest a ton of money into these campaigns, so this is a huge responsibility to take. From time to time, newer organizations are emerging and there is scope for working remotely as well. Marketing Managers usually make upwards of 78,000 USD each year. Prior work experience will be a bonus to land a remote job. Check out some of the employers that are currently hiring for this role below. If you don’t see any, come back in some time.

  • Product Manager

Product Managers’ roles and responsibilities vary from business to business. The ultimate goal is to manage the lifecycle of a product not limited to product concept, design, implementation and so on. Communication with the stakeholders from time to time is a must. You will need to be clear about the long-term vision of the company’s product. Setting a clear roadmap for the product by analysing your industry’s market, customers, competitors will help in your product’s evolution and perfection. Transparency is vital here because your decisions will need to be made based on the input you gather from the stakeholders and various other departments within the company. Employers tend to hire someone with a degree for this role provided you have years of experience managing a product. You can expect to make anywhere between 80,000 USD to 110,000 USD each year. As far as we know contractual and full-time positions are available today.

  • Customer Success Agent

You like to create memorable experiences for your customers. This job should never be neglected because every time you interact with your customers, you speak for your brand. The choice is yours whether to make it good or bad. People love to talk about a company after their purchase with their friends and family, so the company’s success depends on your customers every time. Are you keeping your customers satisfied? How long did you take to get back to their raised ticket? Did you remember to call them back on time? Small things make a huge difference here. A great company is built on timely and satisfied customer experience at all times. It may be an email response or a simple text message, human factor is involved. This is a job that you can easily do if you have a natural knack for being kind and helpful in day-to-day life. Employers are always looking for success agents and it’s normal to find 20 or 30 job openings at the same time. We would like to encourage you to read books about customer support. Prior experience in providing support will be helpful in landing one, but it is not necessary. And a degree is also not necessary most of the times. A Customer Success Agent can expect to make anywhere between 40,000 USD to 65,000 USD annually.

  • Database Engineer

Database Engineers have exceptional knowledge in computer software and database technologies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall employment of software developers, including database engineers, is expected to increase by 17% between the years of 2014 and 2024. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is required for this role. You will be responsible for keeping a company’s database operational, secure and stable. You will need to create software and programs to run databases that contain and organize a wealth of information companies deal with on a regular basis. Designing and maintaining a database that provides relevant data to other employees within the organization are some of the job responsibilities. Average salary of a Database Engineer is anywhere between 90,000 USD to 110,000 USD annually. Prior experience is a bonus to land a remote job as a Database Engineer. Entry-level opportunities are also abundant for the right candidate with a wealth of in-depth knowledge in software and programming. Check out some of the jobs available in the link below and come back in some time if you don’t find any. Our job listings are updated daily and we promise a relevant job opening is listed soon.

  • PHP Developer

So you are a PHP Ninja or you want to be one and also be able to work remotely. After all you can work from anywhere you want in this role. Great decision. Some of the skills you require to land a job as a PHP Developer are understanding of MVC patterns, knowledge of object oriented PHP programming, basic understanding of front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, familiarity with SQL/NoSQL databases and their declarative languages. This got too technical. Sorry not sorry. Feel free to do your research. You will get the idea. Some employers require you to have a degree in Computer Science, but others don’t. Hey! If you know that guy who is busy hustling from his bedroom on his shiny new start-up, leave him a text now if you’ve got the knowledge ’cause you never know you might as well get the job. Sell your skills and reach out to as many employers as you can. It’s okay if you don’t have a degree, it’s better if you have one. PHP developers are highly sought after and in 2018 there are just so many job openings available. We are living in a great time. You can expect to make upwards of 100,000 USD each year and the more experience you’ve got, the more you make. Make sure to filter the job listings by using the keyword “PHP” in the link below. Omg! So easy.

  • WordPress Developer

WordPress powers 18.9% of all the websites on the Internet. Creating a WordPress website is easy, but creating a beautiful one requires technical knowledge and a dedicated team of website slayers. Getting started with WordPress will only take a few courses online and there are many free tutorials available. Free courses do not offer much nor do paid courses. Each and every other tutorial out there will teach you something you do not know, so do your research. Some of the basics you require to get started with WordPress are installing WordPress themes, plugins, taking backups, making sure the plugins, themes and WordPress is updated regularly to the latest version. Moreover WordPress is kind enough to give you information about their CMS in their very own website. WordPress is always evolving like many other CMSes out there. Remote jobs are available for this role almost every single day and if you are ever thinking of job security, this is the one for you because there are currently over 70 million websites powered by WordPress alone. If you start today, you might be able to develop a plugin in a few years that millions could end up using. So start now and sell that plugin or theme to millions and maybe one day you could buy yourself a boat with all that cash. A degree is sometimes required, depends on the employers and you can work from the top of a mountain provided you have network coverage on your phone and Hotspot whatnot. You get the idea. WordPress Developers make upwards of 70,000 USD annually. Freelancers make upwards of 20 USD per hour. Hint: Filter the job listings with the keyword “WordPress” in the link below.

  • UX Designer

UX (User Experience) Designer is called so because he / she creates user-friendly software, apps and programs. It helps to be a visionary in this role. Design and user experience go hand in hand. Let’s take a website as an example. Making sure the website navigation is easy for users along with the design elements into consideration is what a UX Designer does. As a UX Designer, you will be creating wireframes, defining UI elements, guiding developers and designers towards one goal i.e a final product with an unquestionable user experience. Freelance options are abundant as well as full-time jobs and remote jobs. This industry is bound to grow in the coming years, so is the payscale. On an average, User Experience Designers make north of 90,000 USD. With 10 years of work experience, you will make anywhere between 130,000 USD to 185,000 USD. Employers are actively looking for people with many years of experience for this role. Feel free to apply for jobs that are available in the link below.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

You will increase brand awareness, promote the company’s products or services and make conversions. The roles and responsibilities are similar to a marketing professional except you use the latest and the greatest online platforms to reach a newer audience. Social media platforms, paid advertising, affiliate marketing are some of the means by which you make sure there is a return on investment. You will need to stay current in changing marketing trends. Knowledge in PPC, content marketing, email marketing et cetera will make you stand out from the rest. Digital Marketing Specialists make north of 110,000 USD annually and the payscale increases depending on the years of experience. Contractual and Freelance positions are also available if you would like to make extra cash. You will plan and implement marketing strategy and campaigns when the opportunity arises. With a few years of exerience under your belt, you can grow into becoming Head of Digital Marketing and have more control over marketing side of things within an organization.

  • Email Marketing Specialist

Unlike Digital Marketing Specialists, Email Marketing Specialists only take care of the email side of things. You need to have HTML, CSS3 skills because design element is crucial for getting users to click. CTR (Click Through Rate) is seen to increase if the email is appealing to the users. Hence, coding and design skills are must-haves. You need to stay abreast of the best practices for email marketing campaigns. Again, the tutorials on this topic are abundant online and you can easily hone your skills. According to the industry experts, email campaigns have the most return on investment. Full-time jobs and freelance jobs including options to work remotely are always available. On an average, Email Marketing Specialists make anywhere between 50,000 USD to 80,000 USD. You can move into higher positions with enough experience gradually and take care of the digital marketing aspect of a company. Are you looking for a remote job in this career niche? Click on the link below and make sure to filter the job listings with the keyword “Email Marketing”. Simple. Come back in some time if there aren’t any.


It takes patience, skills and hunger for personal freedom to succeed in landing a remote job. Career growth is just as the same as working in 9 to 5 jobs, but you will have more time to spend with people you care about doing the things that you love while working remotely. Work flexibility was really questionable a decade ago and we are living in an amazing time right now. Embrace 2018. Go remote.

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