Job Summary

• Working as a member of Agile teams to deliver product functionality through a set of Sprints / Program Iterations, as defined by a cross-functional project team

• Knowledge and/or experience in the following required

o Languages/Libraries: Strong HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, D3 (use of associated frameworks, such as Plotly)

o Clientside development using Angular 5.x, Angular 6.x and Node JS

o Experience creating responsive UI’s using Bootstrap 3.x, Bootstrap 4.x and CSS

o Web Server Development with ASP.Net Core 2.x

o Web service endpoint development with Web Api 2.0

o Experience with ORM frameworks, preferably Entity Framework Core

o IIS installation and Administration

o Developing Big Data visualizations that are performant

o Using/embedding visualizations built with vendor tools (e.g. Tableau / Seeq/other) within web application context

o Integration with Hadoop and SQL server as a data consumption layer for web applications / vis

o Ability to Profile/Debug applications using software development tool(s)

o An understanding of software engineering principles, development practices and change mgmt

o Familiarity with TFS for work planning, execution, and tracking

o Familiarity with Visual studio Git repositories

• Knowledge and/or experience in the following preferred:

o Integration with and/or use of Libraries/Frameworks: Plotly, Chart.js, SQL, Python, Scala, Java

o Ability to build visualizations in vendor tools (e.g. Tableau) a plus, but not required

o Web Server Development with ASP.Net MVC 5.0

o Experience with Signal R

o Has developed applications which scale to hundreds of concurrent users

o Familiarity with Linux

• Experience in Web Design (UCD/UI/UX approaches / mock-ups / wire-framing / development / delivery) for delivery of web applications in an interactive and customer-focused manner for multiple personas

• Capable of following web design / best practice guidance provided to team of developers by ExxonMobil design lead

• Self-starter who works well in a team environment

• Good verbal and written communication skills for effective collaboration

• Capable of highlighting risks, dependencies, and issues with project management

Soft Skills:

• Collaborative

• Analytical

• Self-starter

• Proficient in English (written & oral)

• Accepts criticism / feedback

• Have exceptional problem solving and communication skills.

Technical Skills:

• Write clean, concise, robust and well-documented code.

• Strong understanding of HTML5 Semantics

• Proficient in use of AngularJS JavaScript Framework

• Proficient in JavaScript (i.e. understands the core functionality of JavaScript)

• Proficient in Object oriented CSS

• Experience with SASS

• Understand MVC – Both for front end and back end site architecture

• Experience with task runners – Grunt or Gulp

• Strong understanding of web services and object oriented principles.

Desired Skills or Experience:

• Experience with designing responsive web sites

• Design and development of RESTful APIs using .NET webapi

– provided by Dice Angular , UI , , Web Api, , MVC , HTML5

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