I hope you are doing great. We have an immediate opening for? JAVA Technical Lead ? in Concord, CA OR? San Francisco, CA . If interested, revert with an updated copy of your resume

Position: JAVA Technical Lead (with strong integration experience and knowledge of Machine learning/ data mining/signal processing/AI)

Location: Concord, CA OR ?San Francisco, CA

Required Skills:


? ???????? Experience in some of these (Not all)

o ??? Java 8, Scala, functional programming in general

o ??? Message queues(e.g., Kafka, RabbitMQ)

o ??? NoSQL databases and data grids (e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase)

o ??? Distributed computations systems(e.g. Spark, Flink, Samza)

? ???????? Knowledge in machine learning/data mining/signal processing/AI.

? ???????? Design and implementation of high-load distributed applications which operate in batch or stream processing mode.

? ???????? Deep understanding of Java platform(e.g collections, concurrency, generics, exceptions, I/O).

? ???????? Proven ability to solve challenging problems by utilizing innovative non-conventional approaches.

? ???????? Continuous learning and adaption of the newest technologies from the world of open source software.

? ???????? Application development for client?s machine learning platform(AI Portal).

? ???????? Design, develop and maintain high quality Backend code: e.g. API?s data processing.

? ???????? Work closely with data scientists to solve technical challenges within distributed environments.

? ???????? Contribute to development of new analytics applications.

? ???????? R & D in emerging technologies for Big Data and Machine Learning.

? ???????? Improve scalability, stability, accuracy, speed and efficiency of the platform applications.

? ???????? Work in team using agile development methodologies such as Scrum.

? ???????? Continuous improved of the tools and processes used by the team.