• Develop custom plugins and adapters using various Java/J2EE frontend and backend technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Spring Boot, Web Services and other advanced Java concepts
  • Design and develop Identity and Access Management solutions based on OAuth, SAML, Single Sign-On and other applicable standards that meet business and technical requirements
  • Work with application teams to help them in understanding the functionality of security protocols (SAML, OAuth, OpenID) and security tools (Ping Access, Ping Federate)
  • Work with OAM team in integrating Ping Federate into its gateways and make OAM the default authentication for every application
  • Develop Two-factor authentications like RSA and Symantec soft token for the software applications
  • Design different data stores from Ping Federate to retrieve user s information including roles and provide them into both SAML assertions and OAuth access tokens
  • Design, develop and implement Single Sign-On solutions for externally hosted vendor (3rd party) applications using SAML and OAuth (specifically on Ping Identity’s Ping Federate)
  • Work with different service providers for creating SAML connections with their endpoints
  • Work with the team to update expired certificates on all lower Environments
  • Maintain and test software programs in Stage Environment and provide support for Production Environment when required
  • Review documentation, processes or procedures, and recommend where automation or improvements can be implemented

– provided by Dice