ESHA Research is in search of a Full Stack Java Devloper to work out of our Salem, OR office. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & JavaScript frameworks, Java, Hibernate, Spring, Jersey, as well as experience with delivering end to end solutions.


  • Rock solid knowledge of async request/response handling, and the bare basics of HTTP. This is a must.
  • Ability to manage a changing daily workload with little day to day instruction.
  • Strong knowledge of Java, Spring (MVC and/or Boot in particular), JavaScript & JavaScript Frameworks, HTML, CSS
  • Great Communication skills

Essential needs:

Languages: Java, HTML, CSS, JSON, JavaScript
Tools: command line, Git, Maven, browser Dev Tools
Platforms: Java EE/Servlets, Spring
Protocols: HTTP, AJAX


Languages: JSP/JSTL, Spring XML config (legacy)
Tools: JIRA
Libraries: Spring MVC, Jersey/JAX-RS, jQuery

Future projects:

Languages: SQL, TypeScript
Tools: Azure, Tomcat, native browser DOM, TeamCity, IIS, NPM/Node, Webpack
Libraries: Hibernate, Lucene, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Junit, Vue, TBD component libs like Quasar or Ionic
Protocols: SSH, JPA (Java Persistence API), OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, LTI, REST, GraphQL

Experience with these would score a few points:

Languages: WSDL, SVG
Tools: Octopus deploy, AWS, Grunt, SSH, Jetty
Libraries: Derby, JasperReports, Bootstrap
Protocols: SOAP

ESHA Research is nationally recognized as the leading developer of nutritional analysis and labeling software and databases for top food manufacturers, food professionals, and dietitians.

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