Why You Should Quit Your Regular Job And Find A Remote Job

Welcome to Remote Age, a job board for companies to post remote jobs and jobseekers to find jobs that they love. In this article, let’s look at the advantages of working remotely. We really hope that this article is going to convince you to quit your regular job for good. If not, we will write another one to convince you, maybe. Let us know.

Advantages of working remotely:

1. Freedom of Place

This one is a no-brainer. A lot of remote companies encourage people to work from anywhere they want because they understand that the employees need to have the freedom to choose where they work from as it makes individuals more productive. Would you like it if you were not given a choice? If not, whatever working “remotely” meant, right?

Working remotely gives you the freedom to travel around the world. Isn’t it beautiful? Sometimes all you need is uninterrupted Internet connection and you are good to go. There are a lot of resources to help you out. Check out NODESK and Digital Nomad Hub.

2. Work Whenever You Want

Let’s face it everybody likes to work whenever they want. All of us are unique and most of the remote companies do exactly that, RESPECT an individual’s time. It’s boring and monotonous to do the job everyday at a specific time. Add ‘Freedom of Place’ to this and you’ve got a lovely combo that you will love, love, looovvvve.

3. Remote Jobs are available now – LOTS OF THEM

More and more remote companies are emerging these days and so are platforms for these futuristic employers to post remote jobs. Check out our very own job board Remote Age. We have tons of remote jobs (Remote Jobs only) available for you. Please feel free to sign up on our site here and submit your Resume here. We maintain a candidate database for employers so that they can contact you if they are interested in your profile. Hey, if you have come this far, why don’t you check us out on Twitter @RemoteAge?

4. Availability of tools for effective communication

This list is huge, so we have shortened it. We are going to go over each one of them in an article later, but please make sure to go through them one by one ’cause they are all game changers for remote workers.

1. Slack – For sharing, instant messaging and more…

2. Basecamp – For your project management needs.

3. GitHub – This is a blessing for web developers, especially remote teams.

4. Asana – Tool to track teams’ work. Must-have for an increase in productivity.

5. Harvest – Simple online time tracking tool.

5. Travel the world and the seven seas

You know, back in the 19th century, this was not possible. I mean, could you really even have a “thought” of moving to a different city or country and work from a cafe? This is crazy, Yo (“Yo” like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad). Live the remote life. Embrace it. Nail it while you travel the world because life is too short to be stuck in one place. This is one of the best perks of working remotely. Period.

So… Are you ready to get started on this new journey to live the remote life? Let’s get you going here.